More millennials are having stroke


Research are showing stroke cases among US millennials between 18-34 are on the rise.

Location dependent

The data shows a pattern of incidences based on location. More cases on the West and Midwest, and more cases in cities than rural areas.

The South has the highest stroke mortality in the US.

Higher increase in female cases

Reasons are unclear as to the trend we are seeing, but the trend is there are more female cases than the other in recent years.

Obesity, diabetes and physical inactivity are factors. (Where are all the health apps?)

Lessons for other growing economies

The current trends should be used to promote policy and community discussions. Other countries should take note and monitor their young adult population and track stroke cases.

The cost of managing stroke is $5bn  per year in Australia.


New research on stroke


Fail Of The Furious

Performance Management 101

There’s so much to learn from US Politics.

Donald Trump gets a lesson in ‘talent management’: Never leave performance un-managed.

At least, follow the basic steps to getting results:

  1. Define goals.
  2. Understand parameters / assumptions (budget, resources, authority, jurisdiction, etc.)
  3. Check progress.
  4. Track and monitor—even remotely!

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