Resources for Spoken English

I talk about the Cambridge CPE exam here —something I wholeheartedly recommend you strive to attain. It’s a very detailed kind of language assessment that just preparing for it would make you improve.

One of the best ways to improve our command of English is by listening to ‘correct language usage’ — in any context. You can listen to conversations, songs or movies. There’s a 30-minute video below which let’s you see how sentences are built for conversations and you can get to follow a real conversation between two people. Remember: the more you listen, the better you get.  Continue reading Resources for Spoken English

Exposure to the Cambridge CPE


The Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English is a C2 level examination. You have to go through 4 different stages, spending a total of 4 hours, to complete the CPE exam.

The CPE is far more challenging than the IELTS exam and is not for the unprepared. The written papers will rigorously test your vocabulary, grammar and comprehension. It was tough but enjoyable to prep for because you will come out a better English speaker at the end of it!

Here’s a collection of CPE resources to give you some exposure to it. Continue reading Exposure to the Cambridge CPE


List of Creative Ideas Not Yet Taken Up

Creative ideas are the seeds of innovation and disruption. As Steve Jobs would put it, they push the world, the human race, forward. We need better tools and solutions to solve people problems. And reverse the effects of blind capitalism that creates more problems than it solves and profit-maximization ideologies that lead us to nowhere but the land of the greed & corrupt. And ignorance.

Some are simple tools, some are more complex. We can’t leave it (the problem solving) to HR or middle management or some large company with excess funds or talent. We need hungry people with skills — the pre-conditions of great product development.

Make disruptive products

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