List of Creative Ideas Not Yet Taken Up

Creative ideas are the seeds of innovation and disruption. As Steve Jobs would put it, they push the world, the human race, forward. We need better tools and solutions to solve people problems. And reverse the effects of blind capitalism that creates more problems than it solves and profit-maximization ideologies that lead us to nowhere but the land of the greed & corrupt. And ignorance.

Some are simple tools, some are more complex. We can’t leave it (the problem solving) to HR or middle management or some large company with excess funds or talent. We need hungry people with skills — the pre-conditions of great product development.

Make disruptive products

1. Better Hootsuite

OMG. Hootsuite’s UI is crappy. Twitter’s interface is not great; just tolerable. We need a mix of these two products (I own more than 5 Twitter accounts).

Feasibility: Possible today. Need an idea guy to sit with an API Developer for 2 weeks doing intense product development.

2. Better HR Software

OMG. HR tech is at least a $10 billion market. SAP HCM sucks. The DNA of the people engineering SAP features excludes ‘user empathy’. Oracle HCM is even worse.

There are hundreds of HR tech companies today working on various HR features but really why turning what is primarily a paper-pushing department into software is such a huge challenge baffles me.

Feasibility: Possible today. Many HR tech teams focus on too many things and leave the job of fixing HR’s core product value too soon. In the end, almost all HR tech end up being nice apps in desktop or mobile but don’t really enable culture change in the real world. Need a team with ‘super focus’, zen, on solving people pain points in HR and beyond.

Upsetting razor blade giant Gillette.


How to Find the Best SEO Companies in Malaysia

If you Google ‘best seo companies in malaysia’ you will find a list of companies that claim to be the best, guarantee top10 ranking, include satisfaction guarantees and other kinds of promises.

It is also possible that you will find individuals, rather than companies, in your search so just be mindful of that.

The Best SEO Companies in Malaysia

So how do you verify whether any of these companies are reliable? You can actually do some basic checks on your own. Try this checklist.

1. Verify Twitter and Facebook Activity

Some of them are already dead, so this step is how you find that out. Go to their website, find their twitter & facebook account. Check total number of followers. Some of these companies or individual self-claiming ‘experts’ have less than 100 followers! Some even have only 28 followers!

How can a ‘master of social media marketing’ only have 11 followers?

Next, check the date of last tweet or facebook post. If it is anything more than 3 months ago, then this company or individual is simply not in tune with the market. A social media expert must be up-to-date and constantly engaging people, trends and topics. More than 3 months of inactivity is a safe indication they are no longer involved in SEO.

2. Google Certified SEO Specialists

What you want for your business is hire a Google-certified SEO specialist. Safely ignore anyone without this important certification.

Google certifies individuals and companies to demonstrate they have met a specific level of expertise in using adwords and analytics. The certification is pretty rigorous (you have to know a lot), has a high passing treshold (80%) but is free to study and sit for.

How to verify if someone is Google certified?

3. Facebook Certified SEO Specialists

The deal with Google is you can show your ads when a user is searching for your products (or your competitors’ products) via keyword-based ‘search marketing’. This means being visible to the whole wide world really if done right. But there is another approach in online marketing: Facebook ads.

Like Google, Facebook is also a major ad platform. And you can now find certified Facebook specialists to run your ad campaigns. Whereas the Google certifications cost next to nothing, anybody who wants to earn the Facebook certification (Blueprint Badge they call it) has to fork out about $150 per attempt.

How to verify if someone is Facebook certified?


5 Online Learning Resources For Personal Development

5 Great Personal Development Sites That Are Totally FREE

If you have not heard of ‘massive open online course’ (MOOC for shorts), then be prepared to love online-learning. Some of the best sites are listed below. They’ve created a learning platform and offer content of some really famous universities from around the world.

Each platform is hands down better than any company-owned online training solution. HR departments ought to really learn how to make employee training work better!

  1. Khan Academy
  2. edX
  3. FutureLearn
  4. Coursera
  5. Duolingo (learn languages)

If you want to practice languages with a native, read about the FREE site I recommend above all others.




Social Problems

I don’t know where you can find a list of recent social ‘improvement areas’ so I thought I’d start a collection right here.

Are All Social Problems Curable?

If you knew or as much as have a concern about a social problem, who could you go to for help? What organizations exist to directly intervene on social issues?

Which countries have policies or measures to respond to these observations? Which leader in our state or country is sensitive to these things?

List of recent social problems headlines

Sept 2016 – So Rich Yet So Poor (USA): Huffington Post reports about transactional sex in the ‘Land of Opportunity’

June 2016 – Worst. Family. Ever (USA): Parents of Stanford University student convicted of rape defends their son (the Brock Allen Turner rape)

Tech Jobs

After you get past ‘junior roles’, tech jobs pay well [View the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2016 Results]. With just 3 years solid experience and strong communication skills (this soft-skill is highly valued), you can reasonably expect a £50,000 annual salary (2016 data). Internationals get relocation assistance. Developers get to create products AND solve problems. Perks are the best in this sector, bar none.


How Jobsites Can Help You Live A Better Life

I’m not kidding. Some tech jobsites eat your resume and nothing happens. Some jobsites are full of job agencies. And then there are jobsites full of HR people looking for technical talent.

Top Tech Job Boards

The best tech jobsites are different. The job posts are written by tech people who are looking for tech people. 4 most interesting boards—for Frontend, Backend, Fullstack development roles—are: