Why Malaysia Lost to China in the Rio 2016 Olympics

In case you didn’t know, one of Malaysia’s badminton greats, Misbun Sidek, explained his view why Malaysia lost to China in the Rio 2016 Olympics Mens Singles Badminton event.

‘Tak Ada Duit’

Misbun was critical about the lack of resources in Malaysia’s badminton program. ‘Tak Ada Duit’ (translation: No funds) was how he characterized the key issue facing the sport in the country.

No Longer in Top Spot

In 2013, the Badminton Association of Malaysia faced management challenges and the country has not yet regained its world No. 1 or No. 2 ranking in the world.

The Rio Olympics showed that several countries, notably India and Denmark, are now reaping the success of their talent programs. Countries like China meanwhile continue to enjoy a deep talent bench and Chinese badminton players will be strong medal contenders for the foreseeable future.